BlueStar Tablets

As soon as darkness has set in, this blood revealing reagent will help you find the trail of the wounded animal.

These fast-dissolving tablets only require some water to be ready for use. They are handy, efficient, and they won't load you down.

Use one pairs of tablets of each kind in 4 oz (125 ml) of water. This will be enough for checking your shot, but use the four pairs of tablets in 16 oz (500 ml) for a 100 m research distance and more.

Any kind of water will work : river, pond rain, puddle...

Each bottle contains 4 pairs of tablets individually wrapped in foil to ensure their long shelf life.

Price for a bottle is $ 19.99

Spray BLUESTAR on the ground and bushes after your shot...

... no more doubts about your shot!

The slightest trace of blood becomes fluorescent in the dark

Price $19.99


Lithium batteries only $12.99

Vigil Meter

The VIGIL METER is designed to count pedestrians, cyclists, snowmobiles in forest trails or any other places. It can help you build accurate statistics of the busiest times in a day, week or a month.