Automatic feeder F200

The F-200 is a very interesting device to create a habit your game to come eat at regular hours that you always have chosen. Some other aspects should not be overlooked in the F-200 it saves you time and money and it feeds every day without let human scent.

The F-200 allows you to feed one or two times a day and each time, you can choose between three different portions. the F-200 uses four C batteries and has a battery life of 6 months. programming F-200 is made from outside the housing by means of three buttons R, H, P very easy to program. You install the F-200 in different sizes of containers of your choice example: 5, 10, 15 gallons etc. ... (not container included)

For only $ 99.99


Lithium batteries only $12.99

Vigil Meter

The VIGIL METER is designed to count pedestrians, cyclists, snowmobiles in forest trails or any other places. It can help you build accurate statistics of the busiest times in a day, week or a month.