Frequently Asked Questions


If your VIGIL does not seem to start as indicated in the instructions, disconnect the batteries about 60 seconds until the capacitors unload and try to connect again batteries.


Preferably place your VIGIL in the shade, this will prevent false readings as the sun emits infrared rays. Place your VIGIL facing north or south.


To check if your VIGIL detects too put it in the alignment mode and lying against the side table and if the melody is heard regularly Your VIGIL is too sensitive. You must return it to us for repair. If not, check your system to the sun.


Use alkaline preferably, they are more resistant to cold. Never use a 9 volt battery, this could damage the VIGIL.


After your season, store your VIGIL disconnecting the batteries and making sure the inside of the VIGIL is dry. This will prevent damage your VIGIL because of oxidation.


In case of theft of your VIGIL it is very important to let us know immediately so that we can enter your serial number as stolen from our records. This will greatly help you to find the perpetrator because the only place where he can have the code of your VIGIL is contacting us. Keep the instructions carefully, your number serial is registered at the beginning with your code.


This product is guaranteed for parts and labor for three months after the date purchase in our premises against any manufacturing defect. The warranty does does not cover damage caused by the modification of the product, poor use, deterioration due to a drop impact or the use the purpose for which it is not designed not maintained properly, old battery unit has been opened or repaired by someone other than Circuitronique Estrie Inc. In case of malfunction, the entire Product must be returned by the user, postage paid to: (Circuitronique Estrie Inc. Rodrigue 6291, Sherbrooke, Quebec, J1N 3A8) together with the photocopy of the invoice dated and stamped by the dealer. The unit will be repaired during the warranty period, and will be returned.


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Vigil Meter

The VIGIL METER is designed to count pedestrians, cyclists, snowmobiles in forest trails or any other places. It can help you build accurate statistics of the busiest times in a day, week or a month.