VIGIL 6210mg features

  • 12M/5M/2M pixel high-quality resolution.
  • 1280 x 720 HD video with audio
  • With SMS RCP (remote control program) parameters of camera can be changed by SMS sending. If in the request, the camera can take picture and send back simultaneously.
  • Unique side Prep Sensor design provides wider sensing angle and enhances camera's response speed
  • Saves the day photos and videos in color, record with sounds
  • Flip-down built-in 2 LCD color display
  • Invisible infrared night vision LEDs for 35 flash range
  • Configuration of the camera is a snap by running the user-friendly software on the enclosed CD, manually entering all settings on the camera

  • Date, time, temperature and moon phase can be imprinted in every photo
  • Programmable to work as Time-Lapse camera taking pictures/video in long range day and night
  • When Timer setting on, programmable to only work in specified period every day.This feature can be used together with Time Lapse feature to meet your timetable
  • Compact size (5 x 3 x 3 inches) with through hole for cable lock
  • Ultra low standby power consumption. Extremely long in-field life (in standby mode, up to 8 months with 12 x AA batteries)
  • Multi-shot of Single, Camera+Video, 3 pictures
  • Sharp and bright color photos in daytime and clear black/white photos at night
  • Serial Number function enables you to code locations in the photos. This helps multi-camera users identify the location when reviewing the photos
  • Operates globally via GSM/GPRS network. Supports four bands: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900Mhz.
  • Lockable and password protected


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Vigil Meter

The VIGIL METER is designed to count pedestrians, cyclists, snowmobiles in forest trails or any other places. It can help you build accurate statistics of the busiest times in a day, week or a month.